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4 birthdays this month:
jarget : 06/06
RND : 06/21
Quentin94 : 06/21
Frogboy : 06/24

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Alias: Nimbin
Name: Scott kendall
Location: Australia
Date of Birth: 02/27/1970
Gender: M
Geekness score: 41
Email: warumpi_01@yahoo.com.au
never give up on yourself, no matter how dark or deep the tunnel seems, there is always light at the end

Alias: 2of3
Name: Tim
Location: N.Y. / Norway
Date of Birth: 03/06/1974
Gender: M
Geekness score: 18
Web site: http://2of3.wincustomize.com

Alias: Quentin94
Name: CUVELIER Quentin
Location: France
Date of Birth: 06/21/1981
Gender: M
Geekness score: 26
Email: cuvelierquentin@orange.fr
Web site: http://quentin94.wincustomize.com
http://arileendesign.free.fr (in build)

Alias: Zeolyte
Name: Cynthia Pedrosa
Location: Philippines
Gender: F
Email: zeolyte_29@yahoo.com
Web site: http://zeolyte.deviantart.com

Alias: RPGFX
Name: Richie Guere
Location: Fairborn, OH
Date of Birth: 8/7/1973
Gender: M
Web site: http://rpguere.deviantart.com
"The problem with an open mind, is that people are always coming along trying to put lies in it."

Alias: Highlander
Name: David
Location: Plymouth Michigan
Geekness score: 18
Email: dmarquis@stardock.com
Working for Stardock as Support Rep., “I feel a whole lot more like I do now, than I did a while ago” Scottish Highland re-enactor

Alias: ZubaZ
Name: Aaron
Location: Houston TX USA
Date of Birth: 08/21/1972
Gender: M
Email: zubaz@wincustomize.com
Web site: http://zubaz.wincustomize.com http://klenkefamily.net/blog
"Today is a good day"

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